Welcome to Winwell Enterprises Ltd

MAYLAKE is our leading brand of safety high visibility and fire retardant apparel and uniforms.

As a manufacturer of making superior quality workwear with more than 15 years experiences, we use the highest technical and the best material for producing premium quantity. All our Hi-Vis products are labeled with WCB/CSA/ANSI standards. We also have products that meet the newest standard BC Ministry of Transportation Safety Apparel T-09/05, revised Mar 2/2006. The highest standards assure people can be seen at night and in poor visibility.

All Hi-Vis materials comply with WCB/CSA/ANSI/BC Mot standards: 
All fabric in H-Vis fluorescent lime/yellow or orange
All reflective tapes have maximum candle power and are made of the best quality by 3M or Reflexite Co.

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated, our distribution centre located in Richmond B. C., just minutes from the highway 99, enables us to process and ship your orders quickly.

Our professional work and lowest manufacturing cost means we can offer you the lowest affordable price.

Your safety, Maylake cares.